William Cunningham

Web Design, Teaching, Photography, & Fly-Fishing

Experience is the teacher of all things.

Julius Caesar



The city of my birth. Famous for the Omak Stampede & Suicide Race.


My father had something to do with a Bigfoot sighting when we lived here. It's a good story.


I would buy one cigarette at a time from the local convenience store, $0.15 each.


Coffman Cove

Died on a plane, another good story. Also was here for some high school. 14 students, all boys.


I remember being a woodland super hero. There wasn't a pit/dip/cavern I couldn't jump over.


All I remember about Anchorage is the dirty snow.


Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is responsible for a lot of who I am today. Picked up a few hobbies:

  • Fly Fishing
  • Photography

Also home to NYC Sub Shop - The best subs I have ever had. I would have them shipped if I could.


Palm Springs

I was only here for a short time. I do remember going to Disney Land, the owner of the LA Lakers fit the bill.



Where I currently hang my hat. Finished high school and college here.

Vector Pine Tree Vector Salmon Vector Cowboy Vector Bear Vector Cardinal

About William

I'm William, a designer, web support specialist, and teacher based in Missouri. I have been working as a designer and web support specialist since 2011. Prior to that I was an elementary school teacher, teaching third grade.

Currently I work for Shelter Insurance, designing, documenting, and supporting their customer facing site and many internal sites.

I came to design after teaching in a technology rich classroom. I designed websites and courses for my third grade students. When I stopped teaching I had approximately 90% of student's work completed online. I presented one of my courses, Integrating Social Studies in a Technology Rich Classroom, at the NCSS National Conference, in 2010.

I also coauthored Founding Documents and National Symbols: A Third Grade WebQuest in Social Studies and the Young Learner 23 (4), pp. 13–16. Direct link


  • Design & Layout
  • CSS & HTML
  • Teaching
  • Online Learning
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Photography
  • Fly-Fishing
  • Fossil Hunting
  • Reading


I tend to lean to clean, minimal design. I attribute my style to growing up in a house that had many Billy Shenck paintings hanging on the walls. Later in life I discovered Charley Harper. Who's style is similar to Shenck's. Both of these artists influence every website or illustration that I do.

Below you will find some of my most recent work.

1967 VW Bus
Adobe Illustrator Logo Rosie
Rosie is a 1967 VW bus that a friend and I took from the junk yard to a daily driver. I did this illustration to enjoy her when she isn't in the driveway. Rosie is featured on Simple Desktops. She also made an appearance on Lifehacker.
Kuva PetWise Theme
Adobe Illustrator Logo HTML Logo CSS Logo Javascript Logo Kuva
Kuva is a template that I designed for the CMS that PetWise Marketing uses. It is currently available to customers.
Login element
Adobe Illustrator Logo HTML Logo CSS Logo Bootstrap Logo Bookmarks Login
This is a form design I implemented for my first PHP application. I have since abandoned this design but I still like it.
Tetons Image
Adobe Illustrator Logo Tetons
I grew up in Jackson Hole, WY and the Tetons are a huge inspiration for me. This is an illustration that I did just for fun. Is has also been featured on Simple Desktops.
Tetons Patch
Adobe Illustrator Logo Patch
This is a patch that I created so I could use my Tetons illustration. For some reason I am drawn to vintage patches. I have them all over my work backpack and my fishing bag.
Rapport Image
HTML Logo CSS Logo Rapport - PetID
I provided design direction and the PetID preview interface for Rapport
Kevin's Cabins Site
Adobe Illustrator Logo Adobe Photoshop Logo HTML Logo CSS Logo Wordpress Logo Bootstrap Logo Kevin's Cabins
I also lived on an island in Alaska in my youth. This is a website I did for some cabins that my brother runs on the island. Kevin's Cabins Website
Kevin's Cabins Halibut Logo
Adobe Illustrator Logo Halibut Logo
This is a formline logo I did based on some Tlingit designs I saw in Alaska. The logo is for Kevin's Cabins.


Photography is something I do for fun. I enjoy really looking at the world through the viewfinder.

I've sold a few images for charity and had a few used for corporate purposes. My photographs are used in:

  • Sales flyers
  • Email campaigns
  • Trade show liturature
  • Trade show booth signage
  • Social media